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Gynaecology and Obstetrics


·       Biopsy Punch

·       Cannula

·       Clamps

·       Curettes

·       Dilators, Cervix

·       Forceps

·       Guides

·       Myoma Screw

·       Retractors

·       Retractors, Self Retaining

·       Scissors

·       Sounds

·       Stethoscopes

·       Suction Tubes

·       Vaginal Specula





·       Endoscopes
- Technical Features
- Endoscopes

·       Equipment
- Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pumps Hs2002

- Hystero-Insufflator 1600 Co2

·       Hysteroscopy
- The New Rudolf Medical Hysteroscope
- Diagnostic Co2 Hysteroscope
- Diagnostic Continuous Flow Hysteroscope Sheaths
- Operation Continuous Flow Hysteroscope Sheaths
Compact Continuous Flow Hysteroscope Sheaths
- Continuous
Flow Hysteroscope Sheath
  Albarran Deflector
Flexible, Flexible Insulated And Semi-Rigid Accessories
  Forceps, Double Action
  Scissors, Single And Double Action
- Flexible Diathermy Loops
- Flexible Electrodes
  Button Electrode
  Needle Electrode
  Loop Electrode
- Hf-Monopolar Connecting Cables
- Hysteroscopy Basic Set
  Diagnostic Co2 Hysteroscope
  Diagnostic Continuous Flow Hysteroscope 
  Diagnostic Continuous Flow Hysteroscope With Working Channel   


·       Resectoscopy
- The Resectoscopes
- Resectoscopes
  Working Element
  Loop Electrode
- Obturators For Resectoscope Sheaths
  Standard Obturator
  Viewing Obturator
  Deflecting Obturator
  Viewing Obturator With Instrument Channel
- Working Elements For Resectoscopes
   Working Element, Passive
   Working Element, Active
- Electrodes For Resectoscopes
- Optical Forceps And Scissors To Be Used With Resectoscopes
   Biopsy Forceps
   Grasping Forceps
 - Hf-Monopolar Connecting Cables

·       Instruments
- Uterus Manipulator
- Uterus Manipulator By Cohen
- Flexible Iud Forceps
- Tenaculum Forceps
- Uterus Manipulator Forceps
- Uterine Probes
- Uterine Dilator Sets
- Cervix Adaptor
- Endometrium Biopsy Curettes
- Endospecula
- Metal Catheters
- Secretion Spoon

·       Accessories
- Tubing Connectors
- Sterilisation And Storage Accessories
- Maintenance Products